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Package your expertise into an approach leaders value

Bridging the gap between school and the workplace

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The Community Newsletter.   The CMPC Playbook.


Observations, Strategies, and Resources. 


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I'm Russ

Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) and Educator

Graduation should not be scary.  I've been there.  I provide the support you deserve when you leave school to help you bridge the gap between what you learned in class and real-world performance training.

Tired of feeling isolated?  I bring a community of active professionals to you.

Don't feel prepared?  I help you organize your knowledge into approaches you can trust.

Can't find the jobs you are looking for?  I help get you connected to where you want to go.

What I Emphasize


Job Readiness


A Community of Support


Focused Skill


"Russ has a knack for cutting through the noise and helping people connect the dots"

"He embodies the idea of servant leadership in his words and actions.  Russ has a knack for cutting through the noise and helping people connect the dots; his ability to unpack complex topics and ask the right questions is unparalleled.  I am a stronger sport psychology professional because of his commitment to my development."
Jordan Johnson, Owner, Axon Athletics

How I Help
Below are a range of services and resources to help you build your playbook

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Courses and Micro-Lessons

Self-Paced Skills

I provide short, focused training in essential areas of consulting to prepare you for the workplace or private practice.

"More than a certification"

CMPC Mentorship

I provide mentorship for CMPC certification.  I go beyond the requirements to provide one-on-one support that aligns to your career goals.


Chalk Talk

A community of support in the palm of your hand

Regardless of how you work with me, you should never feel alone.  I run an open community of active professionals to share ideas, get feedback, and expand networks.

Let's Get Started!

Set up a meeting and let's chat through your goals!


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