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Signature Service:  CMPC Mentorship

More than a Certification

CMPC Certification is becoming a staple of the industry, with many employers requiring it for employment.  But anyone can obtain a certification - with literally hundreds of certified professionals to pick from.  My goal is to move beyond the traditional certification process and ensure a focused collaboration that meets the CMPC standards, while also ensuring that you are developing the skills you need to be successful. 

In addition, all mentees gain access to all resources and support options that Mindset4Change has to offer, including a lifetime free membership to our community group and resources.


We assess your needs/wants/goals along with your current course standing to align the plan.  We then align skills training in desired areas to compliment the traditional CMPC mentorship process.  Whether starting a business or looking for employment, I have you covered.

Flexible payment options made in monthly installments based on budget

Mountain Ridge
Phase 1 / Define your Philosophy

We work together to reflect on your values, beliefs, and observations towards high performance.  By doing so you can establish a working "mission/philosophy" behind your performance coaching.  This lays the foundation for how you organize your knowledge and establish a consulting process.

Phase 2 / Organize your Knowledge

We work through what you learned in school to establish subject areas that are practical for mental performance consulting in the real-world.  

Phase 3 / Establish your Process

We work through the "day in the life".  One on one coaching and team/organizational training.  All intended to help establish a consulting process for independent contract work or job readiness.

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