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A bit about Russ

I have been supporting military, sport, and small business organizations for over a decade as a mental performance coach.  Outside of traditional roles, I've had the opportunity to work in the draft space supporting NFL, NBA, and combine providing assessment and education support to draftees.  Outside of the mental performance space, I also teach and mentor at the masters and doctoral level.

Prior to going into the field, I was a former college athlete and assistant football coach at the high school and college level.

My Story

COVID was a tough time for everyone.  After losing my full-time position as a mental performance coach, I found myself working overtime to support my students.  Trying to creatively support and encourage them as the work literally - bottomed out.

It brought back all sorts of old memories of how difficult and daunting this field could feel coming out of school.  Especially for unlicensed professionals.  The field has struggled to clearly define the roles of its professionals who work outside of clinical mental health.  And while the field of sport and performance psychology has grown in popularity, there remains little-to-no support after graduation.  This was only heightened when the pandemic hit.

That was the inspiration behind Mindset4Change.  If we want to thrive, we really need to start having processes in place that account for change.  That is when my motivations shifted.  I always enjoyed teaching and mentoring, but I was truly motivated to help other professionals reach their goals.  

That is my mission.  That is Mindset4Change.

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