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Sport Tactics

Player development doesn't need to be a guessing game

Training Philosophy

Our entire philosophy is rooted in teaching athletes to slow down and establish thoughtful routines to manage competition and learning.  By doing so, we are cultivating a "competitive" mindset during competition and process-focused mindset to accelerate learning and expertise.

Below are our performance training options, including our featured foundations program.

Our Featured Program and Assessment Tool

Our Assessment

Our assessment tool gets straight to the guts of what impacts our mindset.  How we manage our attention, our relationships, learning, and problem-solving.  Each area supports a common demand around competition.

Our Foundations Program

Establish Intention

It all starts with your mindset.  In Phase I, we highlight the differences between training and competing.  Helping athletes raise awareness around how they are using routines around training and competition.

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Train with Intention

In phase II, we provide training of key skills to help optimize the routines that have been established.  Skills around managing attention, stress, and learning.

Compete with Intention

Now that the skills and routines are firmly in place, we shift into managing competition.  Highlighting how we can use our routines as our foundation for managing competition, making improvements and sustaining high performance.

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Other ways to

Work with me

We provide skills training to support the learning and development as well as competitive needs of todays athletes and coaches.  This is comprised of staff focused training, team training, and individual athlete options.  


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Staff Consults

Great for coaching staff's who like to take concepts and integrate them into their programs.  I cover a wide range of player development needs including assessment usage.

Team Training and Programming

I provide foundational programming to address common learning and performance needs (see above), as well as advanced specialty topics.

One on One Coaching

Tailored attention to your athletes individual needs.

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