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Get the Support you Deserve

Whether you are more self-paced or want more hands on collaboration, navigating the field of sport psychology should not have to feel isolating or alone.

In our community group, we provide weekly conversations via our newsletter the "CMPC Playbook" and weekly and monthly events chalked with training and catch-ups.

Below are two ways you can engage with our community:

Sport Tactics

Community Options

Find one that works for you

  • Member Community Plan

    Every month
    For those wanting hands on collaboration and support
     30 day free trial
    • Free professional development and training
    • Access to resources and on-demand courses
    • Weekly and Monthly Meet-Ups
  • Open Community Plan

    For those that prefer to learn at their own pace
    Free Plan
    • Weekly Newsletter Delivered Via Substack
    • Invites to select community events
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