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Sport Tactics

Foundations Program and Assessment Tool

Our foundations program helps establish sound fundamentals for individuals and teams to help organize and align their training and development.  We partner with other Mental Performance Coaches to help equip you with programming that doesn't replace, but elevates what you currently have in your repertoire.   



One of the biggest challenges after graduation is getting over "imposter syndrome".  Especially when trying to run a business.  My goal is to empower you with a process that you can take and make your own.

Our foundations program does just that.  It provides you a framework and assessment process to establish long-term relationships with your clients.  Predicated on routines, it allows you to optimize all of the knowledge and resources you have at your disposal.  It is not based on a specific theoretical orientation and supports any personal philosophy you may have behind your training.  This provides an excellent compliment and benefits to any level of consultant:

  • Expanded programming for experienced practitioners to help diversify revenue or training options

  • Initial programming for new practitioners to establish a brand and/or approach with clients

  • Assessment methods to help in the prospecting for new clients or monitoring of progress with existing clients


What's Included:

  • White-labeled content to match your branding 

  • Training of Assessment and Core Concepts 

  • One year subscription to assessment + support of questions along the way

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Phase 00

Our Assessment

Before we begin any training, we assess key factors that influence how we learn and compete.  This provides context and framework behind our foundations program as well as advanced training post program.

Phase I

Establish Intention

It all starts with your mindset.  Here we emphasize the differences between common approach to training and competing and what it means be intentional.

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Phase II

Train with Intention

Everything from drill work to film study, we look critically at the essential skills needed to perform during competition.  Helping athletes and coaches design routines to accelerate habit development.

Phase III

Compete with Intention

Zooming in on how we manage our attention and energy.  We look critically at the pre-during-post performance routines to optimize attention, energy, and learning around competition.

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